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The Most Important Books of The Century

These are the books of The Philosophy of Order

Become Your Higher Self

How to travel through the multiverse and become your higher self using The Philosophy of Order

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Online Course

The course is an innovative and transformative course designed to guide individuals on a journey through the multiverse of their own potential. This course is more than just a learning experience; it's a profound journey into the depths of self-realization, leveraging the philosophy of choice and the dynamics of multiple timelines.

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God's Journal: (How to travel through the multiverse and become your higher self using The Philosophy of Order) is a revolutionary journal designed to guide you through the vast landscape of your potential selves. It's not just a diary or a planner; it's a comprehensive guide to understanding and harnessing the power of your choices to navigate the multiverse of timelines that exist within you.

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Discord and FB

Joining the Discord and Facebook group for the "How to travel through the multiverse and become your higher self using The Philosophy of Order" course offers numerous benefits that can significantly enhance your learning and personal growth journey.

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The Second Book

Embark on an enlightening journey with "The Second Book" – a luminous path through allegory, philosophy, and the unexplored depths of the human soul. This is not merely a book; it's the spiritual book awaited by generations, a key to unlocking wisdom and self-awareness.

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FFFHAMS is a system that makes sure humans are living in harmony with nature, while also embracing modern technology and developments that promote health and sustainability. The system is based on the principles of self-sufficiency, community, and the environment.

We believe that by creating a sustainable, resilient system, we can secure our future and create a model for others to follow. We want to put humans back into their natural habitat without losing medical and eco-friendly technological development.

One of the most important aspects of FFFHAMS is its focus on sustainability. This means that we strive to use renewable resources and minimize our impact on the environment as much as possible. We use renewable energy sources like solar panels, wind turbines, and hydroelectric generators to power our homes and buildings. We also prioritize sustainable agriculture practices, such as permaculture and agroforestry, to grow our food.

FFFHAMS is also about community. We believe that by working together and supporting each other, we can create a better future for ourselves and the planet. We have communal living spaces, shared resources like kitchens and gardens, and a system of self-governance where everyone has a say in how things are run. We also have a council of collective guardians who help protect the community from outside threats.

Another important aspect of FFFHAMS is our focus on mindfulness and cherishing life. We encourage community members to spend time in nature and participate in activities like hiking, fishing, and foraging. We also offer resources and training for mindfulness and meditation to help people live in the present moment and appreciate the beauty of life.

Finally, FFFHAMS is a community that values diversity and respect for everyone. We believe that everyone has the right to choose their own lifestyle and marriage choices, as long as it doesn't harm others. We promote the value of interdependence and understand that the community is stronger when everyone works together.

In short, FFFHAMS is a system that values sustainability, community, mindfulness, and diversity. It's a way of living that promotes harmony with nature while embracing modern technology and development. You do not need me, you can do this on your own.

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We meet on zoom and talk from time to time. Come meet your tribe. click here to join.

The New Feild of: Abstract History

The concept of Abstract History presents a transformative approach to understanding our past and the world around us, challenging traditional historical narratives by integrating the profound influence of Spirits and abstract attributes into the fabric of historical analysis. This innovative framework recognizes Spirits not as mere metaphors or fictional elements but as real entities with tangible effects on reality, even if their presence is not physically palpable. Unlike conventional history, which often dismisses the spiritual and symbolic as non-reality, Abstract History acknowledges the universe's communication through symbols—colors, shapes, and archetypes—affirming their significance and reality.

The Claim of Abstract History

Abstract History posits that everything possesses a spirit—an ensemble of abstract attributes, both perceivable and imperceptible, that define its essence. This perspective allows for a more inclusive understanding of reality, where the spirit of a tree, a school, or even cultural archetypes such as Batman, possess a form of abstract reality. The acknowledgment that certain abstract attributes confer a unique identity to entities like the sun or the Earth challenges us to reconsider our relationship with the natural world and the broader cosmos.

Moreover, Abstract History reinterprets mythology not as literal accounts but as attempts to comprehend the personalities and behaviors of these abstract beings. Mythologies, therefore, become invaluable tools for understanding the unembodied characteristics of entities that influence our world. By recognizing gods and spirits as real, regardless of their consciousness or rationality, Abstract History offers a new lens through which we can examine the impact of these forces throughout history. It embraces the diversity of these spirits, acknowledging their varying degrees of influence, gender characteristics, and attributes.

Abstract historians focus primarily on Earth's history to minimize speculation, aiming to trace the evolution and impact of these spirits and abstract attributes on human civilization. Their work does not disregard the existence of a supreme creator or the abstract entities governing fundamental forces like gravity but prioritizes understanding the more immediate, tangible influences on our world.

In essence, Abstract History is not merely an academic pursuit; it is a radical reconceptualization of our understanding of history, spirituality, and the natural world. It invites us to explore the profound connections between the physical and the abstract, offering a more holistic and nuanced comprehension of our existence and the forces that shape it.



 Escape civilization and build a society. Food Forest, Foraging, Hunting, Anti-Fragile, Modern, Society.  You are invited to join this movement regardless of your religion, race, ethnicity, or citizenship. Get the book on March 20th, 2023. It will instruct you on how to create this system. Sign up to learn more. 


See you there

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I will ask you to imagine a way of life that your body expected when it formed on earth. It didn't expect the matrix and the rat race. It expected this...



This is not a Utopia

There will be A LOT of problems as we return to getting freedom, especially for the first builders and originators, but we will all work together to solve these problems. 

The Philosophy of Order

The philosophy of Order is the most significant philosophy to apply to your life and understanding. Unlike most philosophies and spiritual practices, it doesn't require you to believe in it. Only to understand it. We are creating FFFHAMS an old but new way for all people on the planet to live free.


Get to Know Us

We are creating what I call FFFHAMS.

It stands for Food Forest Foraging Hunting Anti-Fragile Modern Society. FFFHAMS is not an eco-village or a communion, or a cult. It is FFFHAMS. A society that would have developed in a time without the advent and spread of agriculture. Humans are made to live a certain way. To live a physical and mentally healthy life, one must live amongst its kind in its habitat.

This Society is built to take care of all the needs of human beings through a partnership with the earth. Two hundred acres of a food forest can feed more than 40,000 people. We will be looking to purchase 1,500 acres and have over 100,000 join the Society. There will be communities in this Society of 200 and 4 bands of no more than 50 people each. 

Food Forest

The food forest

shall be the center of each community. The food forest will have an ecosystem made to give to humans, animals, plants, and soil. The food forest is made for everyone to thrive in. Each community shall have one acre of a food forest where they can hunt and forage freely. They will all have equal access to all the food in the food forest. Men and women will hunt and gather once every morning. To prepare for the feast we have every night. After hunting and gathering for around 3 hours every morning, we enjoy leisure time. Play games, educate yourself, socialize, and make art. Do what you want. It's your time. Nothing goes to waste. Leftover food shall go back to the forest or the biodigester. You may have whatever religion you want but metaphorically treat the food forest with the respect you would show the body of God.

Foraging & Hunting.

Humans exercising is the equivalent of dogs going on walks. It's a place filler for what you're supposed to do daily. Your body is made for walking and running. When it isnt able to do these things, chronic illnesses creep in, and old age becomes hard. We don't just forage and hunt for food. We do it because our bodies expect it and therefore need it. You may not store food away from the community, and you may not hunt for sport. You must give back everything you take in the food forest, whether through literary giving leftovers to the forest or through the biodigester.


There are three things in the world typically. Fragile things that break in the presence of entropy, robust things that relatively remain the same generally in the company of entropy, and antifragile things. Things that get stronger in the presence of entropy. This is what nature does. We want to work with nature to ensure our Society can stand the test of entropy. This means that the Society has to be self-sufficient.

There will be marriage homes and shared homes. Shared homes are the majority of homes. They will be eco-friendly, passive homes. Some will be large, and some will be small, but people will have equal access to all of them. Most will be outside the food forest in 4 different spacious clusters in the community, and some will be in the food forest. Everything must be antifragile, and we will have advanced technology that makes us and our environment stronger, not weaker.

Modern Society

The people in this society need to understand still that we are in a modern world. There will be taxes on the land we must pay for; we will have to build more things to help in our antifragility and environmental fights with politicians concerning our land and how we use it. There is a chance we will have to rebuild. For all those things, we need money. Therefore, the community will fund passive income businesses of members who join our society. So, while people are living the life they are meant to, they can also provide security for the community and, equally importantly, safety for themselves. That way, no one is solely dependent on the community. (When I say passive income, I mean entirely passive)

You are one of three.
People who will be building the first communities
People who will join later
People who will learn from us and create their own thing.
All three are fine!

FFFHAMS is a way to put us humans, back into our natural habitat without losing medical and eco-friendly technological development.

How do you join?

Get to Know Us

Read FFFHAMS and when you finish contact us at

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